Punto Ristoro

Bar Ristoro

The Bar Ristoro is the concept for Hawaii Park food and beverage.

Inside the park the refreshment point is taken care of according to our company philosophy: the continuous search for quality products, the right cooking with cutting-edge machinery, the Hawaiian-themed locations treated in detail by our set designers, the staff chosen for experience and courtesy. All this is the Hawaii Park Refreshment Bar. You will have the possibility to choose menus at favorable prices!

The Cafeteria Bar is part of the dining area of the Hawaii Park.

The structure is surrounded by tables and umbrellas to eat comfortably in company.

It is organized for outdoor meals: coffee, croissants and donuts; ice cream, granita, hot drink sandwiches but also fresh salads and fruit.

To the quality of the food we serve is added the courtesy and sympathy of our collaborators.

Frutteria: for you a wide selection of fresh fruits of the day, a selection of delicious smoothies, milkshakes and granitas of various flavors.

For Aperitifs and Snaks our refreshment bar will satisfy the palate of the little ones and grownups with tasty sandwiches, stuffed tortillas, hot pizzas. You'll also find creative salads and light dishes, but also special drinks and cocktails!


The Bar Ristoro offers Hawaii Park visitors sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, soft drinks, ice creams, granitas and much more to satisfy any need and desire to refresh.